Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview

Just one month after released of Internet Explorer 9, Microsoft then released a preview of Internet Explorer 10. The main focus is HTML5, a next-level programming language for the Internet That Is Quickly Becoming the industry standard. The next version of Internet Explorer has supported the CSS3 Multi-column layout, CSS3 Layout Grid, Layout CSS3 Box […]

The History of Web Browsers in Picture

TechKing has posted the history of web browser in picture. Watching the picture you will see how popular Netscape before Internet Explorer launch. The interesting thing is about Opera web browser that has static grow from first version until the last version. Although Opera popularity is not grow but I believe that Opera has fanatic […]

Compare Firefox 4 and Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer 9 RC and Firefox 4 Beta has been released for testing by users. Some users say that Internet Explorer 9 RC is definitely better than IE8 and a step in the right direction, and the others say Firefox 4 is the best browser on the earth. To know which one is the best […]

Compare RSS Client on Browsers

RSS has become major feature that is must had by blogs or website. RSS allows user read your blog or web contain without visiting your blog. On internet, you will find kinds of RSS client software or website to read RSS. You can also use your browser to open and read RSS on your favorite […]