Firefox 4.0 Release Candidate Released

Finally Mozilla has released the first Firefox 4 release candidate, after eight months of beta testing on the latest version of its open source browser. Firefox 4.0 RC is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac in 79 different languages. The new build offers “general stability, performance, and compatibility improvements” as well as myriad bug fixes. […]

Mozilla has Released Firefox 3.6.15

It’s not take a long time, for Firefox user to get newest version of Firefox 3.6. It is only take a few day for Mozilla to release Firefox 3.6,15. Remember Mozilla has been released Firefox 3.6.14 and 3.5.17 few days ago. A new release shortly after a new version is usually indication of a security […]

How to Download Facebook Video in Firefox?

Facebook has become most popular social network besides twitter. Facebook allows you to share status, links, photos, and videos. Users can encounter two types of videos; Videos that are hosted on Facebook after they are uploaded by users, and videos that are embedded in messages and wall posts. Like Youtube, Facebook don’t not offer official […]

Firefox 3.6.14, 3.5.17 and Mozilla Thunderbird 3.1.8 Updates Released

Firefox 3.6.14, 3.5.17 and Mozilla Thunderbird 3.1.8 Updates Released Mozilla has released update for Firefox (Firefox 3.5.17, Firefox 3.6.14) and for Thunderbird (Thunderbird 3.1.8). This update contain bug fix that is found on previous version. Firefox 3.5.17 and Firefox 3.6.14 now become the last stable version of Firefox since Firefox has not release Firefox 4 […]

Firefox 4 Beta 12 Has Been Released

Finally Mozilla has been release Firefox 4 beta 12 as the latest version of Firefox 4 beta. After this we can see for Firefox 4 RC and then Firefox 4 Final Version. There are several improvent in the version of web browser. You can find the list on Firefox 4 Beta release note

How to View the Cache Files of Mozilla/Firefox

Like another browser, Mozilla (firefox) also save website that has already opened as cache on local computer. The usage of web cache and cached objects is to reduce bandwidth usage, server load, and perceived lag so that the browsers can load the web pages much faster the next time you visit by retrieving the web […]

Compare Firefox 4 and Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer 9 RC and Firefox 4 Beta has been released for testing by users. Some users say that Internet Explorer 9 RC is definitely better than IE8 and a step in the right direction, and the others say Firefox 4 is the best browser on the earth. To know which one is the best […]