Use Calculator in Firefox Status Bar

You can use your Firefox as calculator too, beside for browsing. It’s not default feature on Mozilla Firefox but you should install addition add-on to active this feature. This add-on is Status-bar Scientific Calculator. It will install calculator on Firefox status bar. It means you can use calculator from Firefox status bar. Using this add-on, […]

How to Change Default Search Engine on Firefox

It’s an accident. You didn’t realize installed another search engine on your firefox browser when you installed any program on your PC. This will change your default firefox search engine (example Google) to another search engine. You want to change back your default search engine to Google or another search engine that you like. But […]

Small Review of Mozilla Firefox 6

Mozilla has released Firefox 6 as last stable Firefox version. There is not much major different on interface and feature between Firefox 6 and Firefox 5. But you may surprised if you look at the change log that shows 1,300 bug fixes (which includes feature and developer tooling adds). What a big change 🙂 Web […]

Firefox 5 Released

Mozilla has released Firefox 5 to public. There is no much different on interface between Firefox 5 and Firefox 4. Firefox 5 is upgrade of Firefox 4 with some new features to make the browser faster and user friendly. Mozilla has added better support for web standards, fixed some bugs, made performance enhancements and added […]

The History of Web Browsers in Picture

TechKing has posted the history of web browser in picture. Watching the picture you will see how popular Netscape before Internet Explorer launch. The interesting thing is about Opera web browser that has static grow from first version until the last version. Although Opera popularity is not grow but I believe that Opera has fanatic […]

Firefox 4 has been Released

Good news for Firefox’s users who wait for Firefox 4 final version. After released Firefox 4 Released Candidate for few week ago, Mozilla finally has released Firefox 4 Final version. Yes this is the newest and latest Firefox version from Mozilla Foundation. If you like it then you must upgrade your old Firefox version to […]