The History of Web Browsers in Picture

TechKing has posted the history of web browser in picture. Watching the picture you will see how popular Netscape before Internet Explorer launch. The interesting thing is about Opera web browser that has static grow from first version until the last version. Although Opera popularity is not grow but I believe that Opera has fanatic […]

How to Save Youtube Video in Chrome

Youtube has become popular place to search video or music online. Chrome that is developed by Google has also become popular browser for internet user. Many users access Youtube from Chrome and they want to download the video like they did on Firefox or another browser. You can do this without adding plugin or extension […]

How to Add Speed Dial on Chrome

Google Chrome web browser has introduce something new as homepage when you open new windows or new tab. It’s different with blank page on Firefox or speed dial on Opera. It inform Apps, Most Visited, and Recently Closed website. You can Pin site on Most Visited so it will stay there although you never open […]

GMail and GTalk Notification on Chrome

If you’re using Gmail or GTalk, even Google Apps and Chrome as your browser then you don’t need to check your email again to make sure if you have new email. Google Chrome now equip with notification feature for Gmail or GTalk. A new popup notification will show on your Chrome to tell you if […]

Google Chrome 9

Google has been released Google Chrome 9 Final version with some new feature. WebGL the upcoming web 3D graphics standard is now built in and enabled by default. WebGL is a new web technology that brings hardware-accelerated 3D graphics to the browser without installing additional software. Google Chrome 9 also offers Chrome Instant, the browser […]