Small Review of Mozilla Firefox 6

Mozilla has released Firefox 6 as last stable Firefox version. There is not much major different on interface and feature between Firefox 6 and Firefox 5. But you may surprised if you look at the change log that shows 1,300 bug fixes (which includes feature and developer tooling adds). What a big change 🙂 Web […]

Firefox 5 Released

Mozilla has released Firefox 5 to public. There is no much different on interface between Firefox 5 and Firefox 4. Firefox 5 is upgrade of Firefox 4 with some new features to make the browser faster and user friendly. Mozilla has added better support for web standards, fixed some bugs, made performance enhancements and added […]

Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview

Just one month after released of Internet Explorer 9, Microsoft then released a preview of Internet Explorer 10. The main focus is HTML5, a next-level programming language for the Internet That Is Quickly Becoming the industry standard. The next version of Internet Explorer has supported the CSS3 Multi-column layout, CSS3 Layout Grid, Layout CSS3 Box […]

Opera 11.10 has been Released

Opera has released Opera 11.10 final version with some new features and improvements. Opera 11.10 includes an updated version of Presto rendering engine (Presto/2.8.131), offering Google WebP image format support as well as CSS gradients and other web standards support. The new Speed Dial allows users to have an unlimited number of sites while ‘logo […]

Flock is Dead

Flock, the social web browser will be discontinued on April 26th, 2011. The company already suggests users to download an alternative web browser, such as: Firefox or Google Chrome. It’s mean flock will no longer be actively maintained, you can keep using the product, but key features will stop working after the date and over […]

The History of Web Browsers in Picture

TechKing has posted the history of web browser in picture. Watching the picture you will see how popular Netscape before Internet Explorer launch. The interesting thing is about Opera web browser that has static grow from first version until the last version. Although Opera popularity is not grow but I believe that Opera has fanatic […]

Firefox 4 has been Released

Good news for Firefox’s users who wait for Firefox 4 final version. After released Firefox 4 Released Candidate for few week ago, Mozilla finally has released Firefox 4 Final version. Yes this is the newest and latest Firefox version from Mozilla Foundation. If you like it then you must upgrade your old Firefox version to […]