Opera 10.60 claim as Fastest Web Browser

Opera Software has announced final version of Opera Browser 10.60. The company claims that Opera Browser 10.60 is the fastest browser on this earth. Opera 10.60 features the new Presto 2.6 rendering engine. Carakan has also been optimised to introduce further speed improvements. With a revamped JavaScript engine, Opera Browser 10.60 scores more than 50 […]

Compare RSS Client on Browsers

RSS has become major feature that is must had by blogs or website. RSS allows user read your blog or web contain without visiting your blog. On internet, you will find kinds of RSS client software or website to read RSS. You can also use your browser to open and read RSS on your favorite […]

Automatic Social Bookmarks Submission

Social bookmark is a way to share, organize, search, and manage bookmarks of web resources on internet. There are many of social bookmarks on internet and many of them become popular and used by many internet users. It’s not strange that some users have more then 1 social bookmarks account. But the problem comes when […]

How to Save Website in PDF Using PDF Creator

PDF Creator is a useful freeware tools that is designed to export your office document into PDF document. The software will export your document from print menu on your document software (Microsoft Office, StarOffice, or Wordpad). Except from office software, PDF Creator also can be used to export (save) website in PDF format from your […]

How to Disable Google Sidebar

Google now has sidebar (navigation bar) at the left side of the search page. This sidebar provides some additional information according to your keywords. For example News, Blog, Videos, Books, Updates and Discussions. I think this feature is very useful. It can help you navigate to any category during searching on Google. But, if you […]