How to Change Default Search Engine on Firefox

It’s an accident. You didn’t realize installed another search engine on your firefox browser when you installed any program on your PC. This will change your default firefox search engine (example Google) to another search engine. You want to change back your default search engine to Google or another search engine that you like. But […]

How to Use as Your Image Hosting

Almost internet user know about as free blog hosting that use wordpress blog engine. But do you know that we can also use wordpress as free image hosting. Actually it’s not only image but also document and music. Yup, users can use as free media (images, document, musics) hosting. It’s possible because […]

How to Download Facebook Video in Firefox?

Facebook has become most popular social network besides twitter. Facebook allows you to share status, links, photos, and videos. Users can encounter two types of videos; Videos that are hosted on Facebook after they are uploaded by users, and videos that are embedded in messages and wall posts. Like Youtube, Facebook don’t not offer official […]