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The two famous blog engine now are blogspot and wordpress. You can get them by free and use their hosting to put your blog. You can use your domain as address by upgrade on wordpress and free at blogspot. But which is the best?

Wordpress and blogspot has many fanatic user and they can tell you many reason why you must choose wordpress or blogger.

Until now I still use blogspot for some of my blog. I’ve also tested wordpress just to see which is more comfortable to be used.

Personally for free blog hosting I like to used blogspot because it offer freedom of expression. I mean we can change template, put html or javascript code which we can’t do it using wordpress. One important thing if you create blog for money, you can put ads (adsense, yahoo publisher, etc) on blogspot while wordpress can’t.

Unfortunatelly unlike wordpress, blogspot doesn’t allow us to create statis page. For example if we want to create about, privacy policy, or another statis page. But wordpress give us that abilty. Except that what I like from wordpress is ability to create category or sub category. So we can orginaze our post and user can find what they need just by click the category. Blogspot has no category and they just offer tag which wordpress also offer. You can put more than one tag in each post on blogspot or wordpress.

Besides that weekness I still like blogspot if I use free blog hosting. Two important thing that I like from blogspot are:

  1. Ability to edit HTML and CSS.
  2. Ability to put Javascript or HTML code on Widget.
  3. Easy to put Adsense.

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How about you. I believe you should have another opinion.

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