Why Visitor don’t Like to Visit Your Blog

There are many blogs on internet world and many blogs that talk about niche keyword. For example you will find many blogs that talk about fishing in the ocean or blog with topic Cancer Mesothelioma. But just few blogs have visitor about 1000 visitor a days. The other just get little visitor. Why this can be happened?

One thing that you must know is visitors do not visit your blog just for content. They maybe like your content but they will never come to your blog again if it takes a long time to loading your blogs. They like your content title but they are lazy to read because your content is too long.

Below 8 reasons why visitor don’t like to visit your blog:

  1. Take a long Time to Loading
    Your visitors just want to wait you blog to be completed in 5-10 second. If your blog is appears nothing after 10 second, your visitor will leave your blog. Thing if you don’t like to wait a long time to access website too.
  2. Long Posting
    You post long article to be read by your visitor. People also don’t like stay for long time just to read info on a page. They usually read posting quickly and get bored if the article is long. If you your posting is too long, you can divide it into some posting and give extra title part I, part II
  3. Rarely Update
    Visitor will thing to come back into your blog if they don’t get new update on your blog after visit your site in several day. Update your site regularly. You can update with a posting per day or a posting per two days. Show your visitor know that you always update your site regularly.
  4. A lot of Ads
    I believe people and also you hate with ads. They want to read information on your site and not see ads. If they find that the site is full ads they maybe never come again. Make your site less ads or you can put ads looks like part of your site.
  5. What You are Talking About
    Visitor want to know what is your site talking about. Write brief and short description about your site. Remember to post something that related with your site.

I believe there are another reason why people don’t want visit your blog. Please share with us using comment below.

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