Ups, I forgot the url address, What Should I do?

Sometime you found good website and you spent much time to browser that site. But, unfortunately you forgot the url. You also forgot how can you found the site. What should you do to resolve the problem?

The only and easiest way to solve your problem is by accessing your web browser history. You can access history by clicking Crtl + H on major web browser. Then you just need to check when you open the site, today, yesterday, or another day. By seeing the title, I believe you will remember that this is the site that I’ve visited. Click the title to open the site. Don’t forget to bookmark or write the address so you will remember if another time you want to open the site again.

Firefox History Feature

This method will work if you open on same computer using same web browser but how if you open on another computer? You can still access your history as long you’re using same web browser. You need to synchronize your browser first.

Now, many web browsers offer synchronize feature. This is very useful to keep your web browser data then you can access again on different computer or mobile phone (if your browser has mobile phone version)

First you need to register to get sync account and active the sync feature on the web browser that you’re using.

Below how can access sync on some web browser
Firefox: Tools > Option > Choose Sync Tab.
Chrome: Control Menu at right after sidebar > Sign in to Chrome (using your google account)
Opera > Menu > Synchronize Opera > Enable Synchronization

Let your sync always active. It will store all web browser data into the server so you can access again on another computer. You can choose which data (bookmark, history, web preference, etc) that you want to store to the server.

If you want to access from another computer then you need to active sync feature on the computer and let the web browser sync the data. After finish then you can access the data that is stored on the server.

Remember to deactivate sync feature if you are using public computer. Just do sync if you’re really need it.

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