Songbird, Music Player to Itunes Alternatife

iTunes has became popular because you can do useful thing that is related with listening music. You can download music, browse, or get music artwork from ITunes software. Now, there are some music players that have ability like iTunes. One of them is Songbird Media Player, a media managing application that is based on the Mozilla framework which is the basis of robust products such as Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird.

Like iTunes, Songbird Media Player has many features that make this media player not for listening music, arrange equalizer, or create playlist only. You can also browse while listening music on Songbird, listen Radio with add-on, watching video, get album artwork, edit music metadata, and do another things that related with music.


If Flock is web browser that is equiped with social media system then I can say that Songbird is media player that equip with browsing system Another words Songbird is Browser Media Player. You can also browse your favorite site from Songbird, get album work art, music information, download, or posting to your social media site like facebook or twitter. But you must remember Songbird is not built for browser but media player, so the browser is not good as real browser tools.

As media player, Songbird has cool interface and easy to be understood interface. You can listen your favorite music in some ways. Import music to Songbird Library, create playlist to listen music, or open your music files directly. Your library will be treated like a browser (Ctrl+ and – will change the size of text) and you can go back/forward will browsing your media.

Like on iTunes you music on Library will be divided into category Genre, Artist, and Album. It supports importing your library from iTunes and also exporting to iTunes. With an addition of extensions, it can support Quicktime and WMA files. You can also view media player in mini mode.

Songbird Add-ons

As a part of Mozilla, you can add themes (feathers) and add-ons to this software. How to add-ons and what should you do after add add-ons is like another Mozilla products. You can find add-ons from add-on window but you must restart Songbird to active the add-ons. You can also install .xpi (add-ons file extentions) from your local hard drive to Songbird.

Songbird’s is not only media music player but also browser media player. You can use key like on Firefox to work with your music. You can also use the browser to access internet. If you have a proper account and a descent internet connection, then Songbird is definitely the player for you.

Click here to download cross platform Songbird media player

Have a nice try!

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