Simple Online To-Do List and Task with Startino

If you find simple to-do list and task that you can accces online from everywhere then you can try Startino. Startino is a simple web service that combines a simple to-do list and task manager which will be handy and that will be a pleasure to use everyday. You can start using it immediately with just a Google account.

Startino works by displaying everything on a homepage that also has a Google search box. By making Startino as your browser homepage, you will see list of pending tasks side by side with a Google box for searching the WWW as usual.

Tasks are added in an easy way, and they can be categorized for further reference. Each task has a title and a description. You can view your more important task in the panel on top and the less important ones in the tasks tab below

Tasks can be assigned to multiple categories at once. These tasks can be visualized more prominently than the rest by using a toggle button that will display all the tasks which are in more than one category.


You can also create projects, and tasks can be assigned to each one of these. And they can also be sorted by parameters such as name and place. Task also can be shared with your friend.

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