Safari 5 come with New Feature and Improvement

Apple released Safari 5 on June 7, 2010, to replace previous version, Safari 4. You can find some new feature on Safari 5 and also you can feel some improvement when using Safari 5 to open website.

Safari 5

Below some new features on Safari 5

Bing Search Option: You will find new Bing search option in Safari’s Search Field, in addition to Google and Yahoo!.

Private Browsing Icon: A new Private icon will appears in the Smart Address field when you choose Private Browsing. Click on the icon to turn off Private Browsing.

Private Browsing Icon on Safari 5

Safari Developer Tools: It’s like Google Chrome web browser Developer Tools

Safari Reader: When you acces website you will see Reader icon next to url address. Click the icon to view articles on the web in a single, clutter-free page.

Smarter Address Field: Safari 5 can predict text against the titles of webpages in History and Bookmarks, as well as any part of their URL.

Search History with Date: It’s not just Today, Yesterday folder but also group history by date. Click Ctrl+H to access History

Tabs Setting: Automatically open new webpages in tabs instead of in new windows.

Top Sites/History Button: Switch easily between Top Sites and Full History Search with a new button that appears at the top of each view.

and Some New Improvements

DNS Prefetching: Safari looks up the addresses of links on webpages and can load those pages faster.

Improved HTML5 Support: Safari supports over a dozen new HTML5 features, including Geolocation, full screen for HTML5 video, closed captions for HTML5 video, new sectioning elements (article, aside, footer, header, hgroup, nav and section), HTML5 AJAX History, EventSource, WebSocket, HTML5 draggable attribute, HTML5 forms validation, and HTML5 Ruby.

Improved JavaScript Support: Safari allows web applications that use JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) to run faster and more securely.

Improved Page Caching: Safari can add additional types of webpages to the cache so they load quickly.

Improved Performance: Safari 5 csn executes JavaScript up to 25% faster than Safari 4.

XSS Auditor: Safari can filter potentially malicious scripts used in cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks.

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