Rich Text Signatures on Gmail

Gmail is popular email service beside Yahoo Mail and Live Email (Hotmail). One of the new feature that is introduces by Google Mail is Rich Text Signatures. Now, you add image or make your signature looks more beautiful from rich media.

Rich Text Signatures on Gmail

To active that login into your Gmail account and click Settings on top left menu. You’ll see a rich text editor in the signature section. You can customize your signature by adding links, coloring font, bold or underline font, and also give images. You can still keep simple and clean signature without formating your signature.

Google Mail or Gmail also supports a unique signature for each email address associated with your account. You can use a different signature for each from address that you have. From the Settings menu, you can edit the signature for each account by changing the email address that appears in the dropdown menu.

This new feature currently only exist on the latest desktop version of Gmail. The older version and HTML version of Gmail, along with the mobile versions, use a plain text version of your primary account’s signature. This features also don’t ready on Google Apps

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