Repair Corrupted Zip Archive Files with Zip2Fix

When you download a zipped file from internet or copy from your friend’s PC and try to unzip, you sometimes get a message that the zip file is corrupted. To solve the problem, you can use Zip2Fix to repair damaged zip file. Zip2Fix is a small freeware to repair corrupt zip files. Zip2Fix will extract any and all undamaged files from it.

Zip2Fix is portable application which means no required to install. Clik on the file to run it the click “Open” button and select the zip file that you want to repair. Zip2Fix will scan the zip file, and will show the results in its window. Once it has extracted all the files that it can extract, it saves them together in a new zip file. Zip2Fix actually only extract files that are not corrupt. If the archive has 5 files, and only 2 of those are actually corrupt, then Zip2Fix will be able to extract remaining 3 files.


Here the test of Zip2Fix

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  1. Few month ago, when my Zip file get damaged due to virus attack, then my friend suggested one tool “remo repair zip” and it gave me really exceptional consequence.

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