Remove Unwanted Toolbar from Browser with Toolbar Cleaner

You may not realize that you have installed a toolbar in your web browser when you install a software. Sometimes it becomes difficult to manually uninstall. And of course, it takes time to uninstalling on all web browsers that you have. This is where Toolbar Cleaner comes handy. Toolbar Cleaner is a speedy tool to remove unwanted toolbars from your browser. It is simple, fast, and of course free.

Toolbar Cleaner is easy to use. Just install like install another software. It will automatically detect supported browsers on your computer. For each browser, it will show toolbars, BHO’s and apps for Google Chrome.

To remove any toolbar or other objects, select those, and click on the “Remove” button at the bottom. Toolbar Cleaner will take care of removing all those objects.

Toolbar Cleaner

Please be careful while deleting BHOs. Some of the BHOs are useful, and you might want to keep those. Like, Adobe reader plugin also installs itself as a BHO.

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