Paste and Go on Firefox 4

Opera and Google Chrome has implemented useful feature, Paste and Go. With this feature you can do paste url or keywords on address bar and automatic go to the address with single click. You don’t need to click paste then press Go button or Enter keypad on your keyword. Fortunately Firefox 4 has already support this feature too.

It means you don’t need install additional add-ons to use this feature like on Firefox 3.xx

Paste and Go on Firefox 4

The feature works like on Google Chrome or Opera. Right click on address bar then click Paste & Go options. You can also do this on search bar column. Right click on mouse then click Paste & Search and the browser will search based on your keyword and search engine that you use.

This is not great feature and maybe is forgotten by some user but for me and you whom want simple click on opening or searching website, it’s very useful

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