Organize your Offline Site on Firefox with Scrapbook

Sometimes you want to save some sites and open again when you’re offline. Save a little amount of sites maybe will not make you get headache. But how if you have ton of saved? You should organize in order you don’t forget if in future you want to open the sites. If you don’t do it then enjoy your nightmare. Don’t worry; you can organize your saved site easily. There is a plugin on Firefox that will help you to organize all sites that you save with Firefox.

The plugin is called Scrapbook.

Scrapbook will save your site and you can organize them on sidebar. It just not save one page but it can save 1 or more depth link from your site that you save. You can also choose what type of application that you want to save.


Let’s Begin

Before use it, you need to install scrapbook on your Firefox. Click here to see tutorial if you want to download the plug-in and install on another computer without connect to internet.

Click Alt+K to show Scrapbook sidebar

Next step, you need to choose location to store site (data) that you save with scrapbook. On scrapbook sidebar click Tool menu on the right top > Option. Choose Organize tab. Then choose location to store data.


If you want to save data not only on one folder then checks on option Enable Multi-Scrapbook. You need to set which folder on scrapbook sidebar.


Please take a look that image above if you enable multi-scrapbook. Choose Manage then it will launch Multi-Scrapbook Manager windows. Click Add and choose which folder you want to save data. Do it again as you like.


Save Website
You can do some ways to save website.

  • Click Scrapbook menu before Tools menu > Capture Page or Capture Page As. With Capture Page As, you can set some option before save site.
  • Right click your mouse on a link o page > Capture Link or Capture Link As
  • You keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+L for Capture Page and Ctrl+Shift+K for Capture Page As

Organize Websites
You can create shadow folder to categories your saved sites. Right click on chosen site then click Move. Or drag the site into destination shadow folder. Why its call shadow folder? Because the folder doesn’t really exists. It just exists on your scrapbook sidebar.

If you use multi-scrapbook you can switch from one directory into another directory by clicking the icon like in the picture below


In the sidebar, you can also delete any saved website that you think, you don’t need anymore.

Please share with us if you’ve any experience with Scrapbook

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