Opera 11 with Tab Stacking to Organize Tab

Opera browser has released their latest version of the Opera 11 Beta. One of the flagship facility is Tab stacking. It lets you drag the tab over one another to create a group. Tab stacking is one of the latest methods in the management of the site being opened. You can organize your tabs into one or some group. For example, tab grouping Google, Yahoo, Live funds into the group search engine.

Except Tab Stacking there are some new feature that you will find on Opera 11 Beta

Search predictions from Google:
Google search predictions are now available when you search using Google Search Engine Google search predictions will show while you make use of the search field or search from the address bar with ‘g’ search keyword.

Extensions Support
Opera now support for extention. You can browse Opera’s extensions catalog to customize Opera just how you want it.

Faster installation
Opera 11 is 30% smaller than Opera 10.60. That means that Opera downloads more quickly and installs in fewer steps.

You can check another feature at Opera Website

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