New Facebook Profile Interface with Facebook Timeline

Facebook has introduce new Facebook Profile interface that is called Facebook Timeline. After some experience, now this feature can be used start from December 15, 2011. Facebook will send invitation to all member to change their profile interface to Facebook Timeline. If don’t get the invitation then you can visit this site to switch your Facebook Profile into Timeline.

Facebook Timeline is a way to document your entire life, from birth to present. It also shows your photo, your wall, friend, group and anything that you’ve done with Facebook. Actually the interface is more nice then standard Facebook profile interface. You can also give photo as your profile cover and set your status as featured status; something like featured stories on news blog or website.

Facebook Timeline

The most important thing about this new interface is about privacy. Using Timeline, your friend will know about all your activity on Facebook. You should control your Timeline and decide what should your friend see and do not see about your Facebook life. has written a post about Facebook Timeline Guide.

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