Manage Your Password Using Dashlane

If you are tired to remember your password on each site then you can use Password Manager software like Dashlane. Dashlane is free password manager software for Windows or Macintosh operating system. It offers a comprehensive feature set to facilitate your life on the Internet. You can store addresses, phone numbers, passport numbers, credit card info and more in a secure vault and sync them between multiple computers.

You need to register first before download the software. When you install the software you can choose to connect Dashlane with one, multiple, or all of the supported browsers. Dashlane currently connects with the Chrome and Firefox web browser only. The program ships with a desktop program that you can use for all management purposes, and a browser extension that handles input and detection in the web browser.

It can fill out login information automatically for you if you have configured it that way, and will automatically ask you if you want to send new login to the password manager for safe keeping. It is furthermore possible to click into a login form directly to select one of the available accounts for the site. You can also configure the program to generate strong passwords for you when you register new accounts.

Dashlane can do all the form filling for you, if identity related information have been saved into the program’s database previously. One interesting feature of the desktop application is the security dashboard, which lists password strength ratings for all accounts.

Dashlane Features

  • Express Login and Express Checkout
  • Smart Form Filling
  • Secure Auto Registration
  • Secure Dashboard Program

Visit Dashlane – Password Manager Software for Windows and Macintosh

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