Make Firefox Load Faster

Mozilla Firefox is popular browser after Internet Explorer. It has many extentions and theme which can make your Firefox better then usual browser. Firefox also claim as fast browser too but it just happen on loading website not loading program. You need to wait more then 3 second to load Firefox which make some people don’t comfortable with this situation.

Firefox store all it’s start up data like settings, history, and cookie handling during browsing on database. As these profile databases grow larger and become fragmented, they start reducing Firefox’s speed

You can use SpeedyFox to solve the problem, make your Firefox load faster. SpeedyFox can optimize Firefox by cleaning up and compacting the profile databases with a single click. SpeedyFox is free and safe program for you profile (bookmarks, usernames, passwords, etc)

Make Firefox Load Faster

You must close all open windows of Firefox before running this application. Then click this application and SpeedyFox will make your Firefox load faster and also improve it’s overall speed. SpeedyFox does not delete any of the data like bookmarks, history, passwords etc. while cleaning up. To keep your Firefox always load faster, run SpeedyFox once in a week or according to your browsing habit’s.

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