Lunascape 6 Orion: Triangle Engine in One Web Browser

If you usually switch browsers from time-to-time in order to interact with a particular web site or get the full functionality you need then you can taka a look of Lunascape 6 Orion browser. This web browser came with unifies four major browsers into a single platform through triple engines and triple add-ons.

Lunascape is made of the 3 best engines that is used by major web browser, Gecko, Trident and WebKit. In other words, Lunascape is made of Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and IE.

The Installation is simple, like another web browser installation. But you need active internet connection to download the latest versions of WebKit and Gecko engine. Fortunately, Lunascape also provide full offline installation which include Gecko and WebKit engine. It is recommended if you don’t have unlimited internet connection or you want to install Lunascape on several computer.

At first launch, like Firefox and Chrome, Lunascape offers to import your browser settings exist. You can choose not to import, or select the browser you use most among the proposed list.


The great feature of Lunascape is its ability to switch from one rendering engine to another. At the bottom of the window on the left you will see a small icon that indicates the engine used. Simply click to switch to another engine, Trident (behind Internet Explorer), Gecko (behind Firefox) and WebKit (behind Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) Chrome and Safari).

Another good feature of Lunascape is that compatible with IE and Firefox plugins, in the same browser. Lunascape has a floating sidebar that can handle multiple sidebar add-ons at a time. This sidebar can be separately displayed anywhere, including on another monitor. Orion also loads fast and displays Web sites quickly. User can also provides views from the three rendering engines side-by-side in either vertical, horizontal or cascade.

Lunascape Newsticker

Lunascape offers RSS Ticker feature which will display news from RSS as news ticker on the top toolbar.

As conclusion, Lunascape is helpful if you usually test web browser in diferrent engine or want to try another good web browser.

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3 thoughts on “Lunascape 6 Orion: Triangle Engine in One Web Browser

  1. Compared with Avant browser,Lunascape is inferior. I just use it about a week, it breaks my screen to two parts when I maximize my browser from restore state and freeze with no reason. I didn’t encounter these problems in Avant browser.

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