Keep Your Program “Always on the Top” with AlwaysOnTop

AlwaysOnTop is useful freeware application to make your favorite windows program always on the top while you are running another application. It very useful if you want watch video and surfing your favorite social online website. You just need to choose which program you want to set always on the top with AlwaysOnTop and let you program always stay on the top of any running programs.

How to use AlwaysOnTop

Before you can use the program, you must download first from AlwaysOnTop website. The size is about 1,3 MB. Then unpack the downloaded and click setup and follow the instruction

  • Run the program and it will appear as an icon in your System Tray.
  • Right click on the icon then check which program do you to set as always on the top

It’s done. Very simple task.

Note: AlwaysOnTop program works on Windows 95/NT. I have tried on XP and it works perfectly well in XP. Not so sure about Vista and Windows 7

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