Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview

Just one month after released of Internet Explorer 9, Microsoft then released a preview of Internet Explorer 10. The main focus is HTML5, a next-level programming language for the Internet That Is Quickly Becoming the industry standard. The next version of Internet Explorer has supported the CSS3 Multi-column layout, CSS3 Layout Grid, Layout CSS3 Box Flexible, CDD 3D Transforms, gradients CSS3 support and more.

Internet Explorer 10 Preview from

Unfortunately, according the release notes, Internet Explorer supports Windows 10 version 7 and higher only. It means Internet Explorer 10 can not be installed on Windows Vista or Windows XP.

The Internet Explorer Platform Preview requires Windows 7 (x86 or x64) Operating System. Platform Preview 4 and later require updates to be installed on Windows 7 systems, after which your computer will require a restart.

This is bad since there are many people who use Windows XP as the operating system on their computers. In addition, other browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari still support Windows XP on their last version. There are many reason why users do not want to upgrade their Windows operating system to the last windows version. For example software price or minimum computer specs. This situation will make Internet Explorer is difficult to grow up in market. But we will know later.

Download Internet Explorer 10 Preview

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