Internet Explorer 9 has been Released

After released Internet Explorer 9 Released Candidate, Microsoft finally released Internet Explorer 9 Final Version. Please note that Internet Explorer 9 only can be used on Windows Vista and Windows 7. If you are Windows XP user then you can’t install Internet Explorer 9.

Internet Explorer has improved performance of the web browser with the new JavaScript engine Chakra, which delivers some impressive performance gains over Internet Explorer 8.

Internet Explorer 9

Web pages load faster which can be attributed to improved rendering engines. The speed gain is noticeable when loading websites, playing games or other media in the browser. Microsoft has added full hardware acceleration to IE9 which improves rendering of advanced graphics and effects.

Microsoft has changed the design of the browser which uses less space at the top. Tabs have been moved next to the address bar by default, with options to move them to their own bar below the address bar if needed.

Maybe this is not fastest browser compare with Google Chrome 10 or Firefox 4 but it’s really better then Internet Explorer 8.

Download Internet Explorer 9

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  1. You wrote ‘Expoler’ on title. Haha…

    Really, IE9 sucks… Long life to Firefox!!!

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