Instant Search for Gmail and Google Docs

I like Google Instant because it will help me to search in Google quicly without hitting or pressing enter button again. I just need to type then Google will automatic search based on what I type. Nice feature but it just implemented in Google Search. I am thinking it will be nice if this feature is also implemented to another site. Fortunately using add-ons you can do Google Instant on Gmail, Google Apps Email, Google Docs & Contact.

This add-ons is called CloudMagic. CloudMagic is add-ons for Firefox and Chrome helps you to search your online data, viz. Gmail, Google Apps Email, Google Docs & Contacts at lightning fast speed as you type. No more hitting the search button and crossing your fingers.

CloudMagic can work on multiple accounts and presents unified search result. It allows you to quickly preview & copy data from existing emails & docs while composing new messages.

Don’t worry about your privacy data. CloudMagic keeps authentication details and your data in your hard-disk.

This video show how CloudMagic work

CloudMagic also plan to support facebook and twitter

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