Install Multiple IE Version on One PC

When you install new version of Internet Explorer, it will replace exiting version. It’s mean you will get newer version and lost previous version. It’s OK if your purpose is to upgrade your Internet Explorer but how if you want to keep your current version? For example you are webmaster and you want to test your work in any version of Internet Explorer.

It’s impossible to install IE and let previous version exist with newer version.
But there is a tool that let you install multiple IE on one PC. The tool is Multiple IE Installer.

Install Multiple IE Version on One PC

This software will install any previous version of Internet Explorer from IE 3.xx – 6.xx ???? You can choose what version do you want to install. You can use it as many as you want to test your work or just fun. Of course you are still able to use exiting IE version that has been installed on your computer.

Please remember this software package is not come from Microsoft.

Unfortunately Multiple IE is no longer maintained and there are no plans to continue maintaining it! Use it on your own risk. If you want to know information about this software please visit Multiple IE Installer website.

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