I Want to be Full Time Blogger

I never thing that on future I will be full time blogger. But this is my life. Now I enjoy this job as full time blogger. I can work any where any time and of course I also get money from what I’ve been done.

It begin on the middle of 2008. My boss told me (and my friend) that he wants to close his office. Of course my friends and I should be quit from his office and lost our job.

My boss then asked my to be his partner to create website. But I know that I can’t depend on his offer forever.

Then I was thought about full time blogger. I’ve read many success stories from success blogger on internet. And of course I want to be like them. I want to get success like them.

I know that it is not so easy. Maybe it is more hard then work on the office and I realize about that. Sometimes I just sleep for some hours and spent a lot of time to maintain or brain storming about my blog.

And I believe on the future I will get earn per month above $1000 or maybe more higher. But money is not only my priority. I want also to share my knowledge about blogging to you so you can also get success.

That’s way I created this blog, to share my knowledge to others people

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