How to Update Avira Antivir Personal Manually

There are two ways to update Avira Antivir Personal antivirus. First is online update if you have internet connection. This can be started from Update menu > Start Update or by click F9. But how to update AntiVir if you don’t internet connection on your PC or laptop?

Before update you need update file that can be downloaded from here. Download file and save on your USB flash disk or any disk that you have.

  • Open Avira Antivir Personal on your PC then click Update menu > Manual Update
  • Choose VDF Update File that your have downloaded before. The update file name is Then click open
  • Now Avira Antivir Personal will process to update. It will deactive your Avira Antivir Personal then update virus database and active again after finish

  • If your update is success you will get message “The VDF update kit has been successfully update”

Congratulation you Avira Antivir Personal has been updated.

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