How to Sync Firefox

firefox syncSynchronization is one useful facilities that browsers must have right now. This is very helpful for user who sometimes use different computer to be online. They just do sync on the browser and all the browser’s settings on the two computers will be the same.

Google Chrome web browser and Opera has built in sync facilities. Firefox also comes with built in sync tools too but on Firefox 4; unfortunately until now Firefox 4 is still in beta. If you are using Firefox 3, you don’t need worry. You can still sync your browser using additional Firefox addon. The addon is Firefox Sync.

How to Sync Firefox in Firefox 3

  1. Add Firefox Sync add on on your Firefox browser. Read this how to add addon on your Firefox
  2. Restart your browser to active Firefox Sync addon
  3. Access Firefox Sync from Tools > Sync or Tools > Options > Sync tab for advance configuration.
  4. For first time, register for Firefox Sync account, if you don’t have the account. Then login with the account and start to sync.
  5. Now your browser configuration will automatically sync each time you use the browser.
Firefox Synchronize

How to Sync Firefox in Firefox 4

You don’t need to add additional sync addon because Firefox 4 has built in sync facility. You will find the sync from Tools > Sync or Tools > Options > Sync tab for advance configuration.

You can also do Firefox Sync on your Iphone besides on your desktop.

Click here to visit Firefox Sync website


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