How to Show Saved Password on Firefox

Firefox offer remember password tools each time you login into a site. This feature will submit your password into a password field each time you try to login into the site again. It’s useful because you don’t need to write your password each time you login. You just need to type username then Firefox will auto complete the password field with the password that you’ve saved before. You don’t need to remember each password on each site too. Firefox can do it after you tell Firefox.

The problem comes if you’ve forgot your password and you want to use your password in another computer.

How can I know what password for this site?

It’s simple to do. Firefox is very kind to allow you to see your password that you’ve stored on Firefox.

Saved Password on Firefox

  • Click Tools menu > Option
  • Open Choose Security tab
  • Open Saved Password
  • Click Show Password
  • You will get warn, ignore it by clicking Yes
  • Upss now you can see your password

You can use search facility to search site if you have a lot of saved password.

Have a nice try!

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