How to Remove GoogleUpdate.exe Background Process?

If you have installed Google Software (Chrome web browser, Google Desktop, or Picasa), you might have noticed about a new process “GoogleUpdate.exe” runs in background. Even if you end task of this process using Task Manager or third party program, it automatically comes back after a few minutes or when you launch Chrome web browser, Google Desktop, or Picasa next time.

Actually its will not give you big problem, Its a standalone exe file which is used by Google to check for new updates. If there is any update available, it downloads and installs it. But its very annoying if you are using volume based or low internet connection. It will make you consume your bandwidth and make your internet connection become low because of the process.

So how to remove the process and not just stop it

There are two methods to remove the process

1. Use Firewall
Open your Firewall and create a new rule to disallow GoogleUpdate.exe. It will make GoogleUpdate.exe can’t use your internet connection

2. Remove GoogleUpdate.exe Process
Second way is by removing GoogleUpdate.exe Process from your computer. But keep by doing this method; you will no longer be able to update the Google Software using its built-in update function. You need to manually download the new version.

a. Disable GoogleUpdate.exe from system startup.

  • Open RUN dialog on your Windows computer, type msconfig and press Enter. It will open “System Configuration” window.
  • Open “Startup” tab and uncheck “GoogleUpdate” from the list.
  • Click OK and Restart you system
Disable GoogleUpdate.exe from system startup

You can also use third party tools to startup entry.

b. Remove the Scheduled Task created for GoogleUpdate.exe

  • Open Control Panel
  • With Classic View open Scheduled Tasks. With Category View open Performance and Maintenance > Scheduled Tasks
  • You can also run it by typing “taskschd.msc” command in RUN dialog box or by opening “%windir%\Tasks” folder.
  • Disable or remove all task created by GoogleUpdate.exe (GoogleUpdateTask)
Remove the Scheduled Task created for GoogleUpdate.exe

c. Remove “GoogleUpdate.exe” File Permanently

  • Go to C:\Documents and Settings\%{Username Administrator} or {just Administrator}%\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Update You can change C:\ drive with another drive that you have installed windows
  • Make sure that GoogleUpdate.exe isn’t running. If its run, close from Task Manager then Delete “GoogleUpdate.exe” file

Now, you should don’t have GoogleBackground.exe running on your system again.

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