How to Remove Feedback Button on Firefox 4 Toolbar

Mozilla has launch Firefox 4 Beta version with many new function and improvement from the previous version. On its version, Mozilla asks all users to provide their feedback to improve the browser quality. That’s why Mozilla has added a new “Feedback” button in the Toolbar to help user give feedback easily and quickly.

There is no problem with the button, it will not make your Firefox looks ugly. But if you want to remove that, here is the methods.

There are two methods to remove Feedback button from Firefox 4 Beta toolbar

1. From Toolbar Setting

  • Right-click on Toolbar and select “Customize”.
  • Click on “Restore Default Set” and it will remove the “Feedback” button.
  • You can also drag-n-drop “Feedback” button from Toolbar to “Customize Toolbar” window.
Remove Feedback button from toolbar setting

2. From Add-ons Manager

  • On menu bar click Tools -> Add-ons. If you can’t see Menu Bar, you can press Alt key to show it.
  • Select “Feedback” add-on and click “Disable” button.
  • Restart your firefox and it will remove the “Feedback” button from Toolbar.
Remove Feedback button from add-ons manager

Have a nice try!

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