How to Recover Deleted Files Using Free Software

It’s an accident! You deleted your important files. You also empty your Recycle Bin and you realize that you just deleted your files. You have lost your files. It’s not just garbage files but it’s your important files that needed for your work. What?! Don’t panic. There is a way to recover your deleted files.

What you need is recover software. The function is to recover or bring back your deleted files. There are a lot of program on internet that offer to do that with different option. Some program also offer to recover files that have been lost by formatting your disk drive. Some can be used by free but another will charge you some money to use all function

You don’t need to spend your money to buy such of software if you can get it by free. It’s not a cheat or crack. The software is freeware. On of them is Piriform Recuva. For your information Piriform also produce CCleaner and Defraggler

The program has simple interface and simple to use. It’s also free but it also powerful to recover your deleted files.

How to Use

  • Download this software and install on your computer.
  • On first time you will see Wizard on Startup. You can deactivate the wizard by uncheck on ‘Do not show this wizard on startup’.

Using Wizard

  • Follow the wizard by clicking next.
  • Choose what type you want to search. If you want to search all type check other checkbox. Then click Next
  • On other windows you will be asked where place do you want to search.
  • Next you will get option to enable deep scan if you don’t find your file.
  • If you ready you can begin to search by clicking start
  • There are two processes to search you files. First is scanning drive for deleted files and second is analyzing file content.
  • Now you just wait until the process is completed.
  • If completed you can recover the files by check on the files and click Recover button on the bottom of this program

Using Non Wizard

  • If you don’t want to use wizard you can use non wizard interface. Don’t worry it’s not complicated it’s very simple although for end user.
  • Choose which drive you want to search
  • Choose which file you want to search. If you want to search all file, leave it empty
  • More option about files that you want to search can be found by clicking Option
  • If you are ready to search click Scan button.
  • Wait until the process is completed and check on the files then click Recover button to recover the files.

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