How to Manage Youtube Playlist in Firefox

Youtube has become favorite site to visit if people want to watch video or just listen to the music. You don’t need download the music and make your hard sik become full. You just need search, play, and of course good internet connections. From Youtube website, you can create playlist after login, play, pause, or control audio sounds. But how about create playlist or control Youtube from Firefox sidebar without visit Youtube website?

You can create Youtube Playlist and add it into your Firefox sidebar using Youtube Music Player add-ons. Click here to see how to add Firefox add-ons

Youtube Music Player
Credit: Youtube Music Player on Firefox add-ons

Youtube Music Player offers users with comfortable features such as playlist and an external player. The extension supports multiple playlist which can be played, created and edited directly in the browser. Several controls are added to the browser which some users may not like. Bad for users who need that screen estate for other elements of the browser.

Some Youtube Music Player features:

  • Movies are preloaded in the background –> constant music experience
  • with Preview (appears when moving mousepointer over a title in the search)
  • Manage different playlists
  • Drag and Drop any Youtube Link into your playlist
  • Add a youtube link with right click -> Add to Youtube Player

Download and Install Youtube Music Player

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