How to Make Twitter Look Like Excel Spreadsheet?

I’ve written about How to Make Facebook Look Like Excel Spreadsheet using website. It’s very useful if you’re Facebook addict and you are working on the office. But how if you are twitter addict too? Don’t worry, you can also check update status on your twitter although you are at your office. now also offers ‘Excel Spreadsheet’ service for twitter account too. It’s mean you can use to switch your Twitter interface to Excel Spreadsheet interface and your boss will not know if you are playing with twitter.

Twitter Spreadsheet

How it Works

  • Login to your twitter account first.
  • Visit
  • Click “I would also like dem spreadsheets, please” with twitter icon
  • Click Authorize App when twitter ask to authorize this website.
  • Now your twitter will looks like Excel Spreadsheet

if you are confuse, you just need to click No, wait. I’m confused?. will show you simple and nice image tutorial about this interface. Your boss is coming. Don’t worry, just click space bar on your keyboard and that immediately changes everything into a vast sea of spreadsheet numbers all nestled within their legitimate-looking cells.

Please be careful, don’t let your boss know about this site or your boss will looks closer when you open Excel Spreadsheet to make sure if this is real Spreadsheet files, not twitter.

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