How to Get Real Time Email On Windows Mobile Phone like on Blackberry

Blackberry has real time email technology which allow you to receive email in real time like receive SMS. This feature and of course another feature has made Blackberry become popular on some country. If you always using email for communication then you need buy Blackberry. But how if you have already cellular phone? Do I need buy Blackberry? The answer is no! Some cellular phone now come with push mail technology which allow you to check email in every 5 minutes or maybe 1 minutes. Yes, it’s not real time but I think it can be acceptable if you read email on 1 minutes after your friend send an email.

If you are using Windows Mobile Phone (PDA or smartphone) then you can try to use Active Sync to get email from Gmail or Google Apps in real time. Except email you can also synchronize your Contact and Calendar. It’s very useful if you lost your phone or you phone get broken. Just do sync with Google Sync and you get back your data.

Below tutorial how use Active Sync to Get Real Time Email from Gmail or Google Apps

Please note I use HTC Snap and this menu maybe different with another device

  • Open the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync application on your device.
  • Click Menu -> Configure Server.
  • Enter as the server address; ensure that the SSL option is selected. Then click Next
  • Active Sync
  • Enter your full Google Account email address as the User name and your Google Account password as the Password.
  • Active Sync
  • Leave the Domain field empty. If your device requires you to enter a domain name, enter google.
  • Click Next.
  • Check Contacts, Calendar, or Email, depending on which you’d like to sync. (Tasks is not supported and will lead to an error if checked.)
  • Active Sync
  • Click Finish.
  • But it’s not finish, you need to create schedule when Active Sync will work
  • Click Menu -> Sechedule.
  • Active Sync
  • On Peak Times choose “As Item Arrive”. It will sync your device when there is an email on your mailbox. You can also do this on Off-Peak Times and Roaming.
  • Active Sync
  • Now you can receive email in real times.

Just try to send an email to your email to make sure if you can receive email in real times like Blackberry.

I believe there are another ways to check email in real times for non Blackberry device. If you have, please share with us.

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