How to Make Firefox Looks Like Netscape

Some of you maybe remember that few years ago there are only two big players on browser. There are Netscape and Internet Explorer. Unfortunately Netscape is discontinued and their developer team are now developing mozilla based web browser (firefox, flock, seamonkey). Although it has been discontinued, Netscape has some freak user who still use Netscape as their favorite browser.

If you were Netscape user and now using Firefox, you can also feel like using Netscape. It can be done by using Netscape theme for your Firefox

How to Make Firefox Looks Like Netscape

Here some Firefox theme that will change your theme looks like Netscape

Foxscape: This theme will make your Firefox looks like the old Netscape 4.8 that uses the loading buttons.

N-Scape1: Your Firefox will be looks like Netscape 4.xx. unfortunately it only develop for Firefox 2

Simple Green: It’s not just theme for Firefox but also for Thunderbird. This theme is combine Netscape Navigator 9 and Messenger 9 Netstripe themes.

If you know another Netscape theme for Firefox, please share with us!

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