How to Make Facebook Look Like Excel Spreadsheet?

Have you ever open Facebook at your office? You will be careful to do that and make sure that your boss doesn’t see you access facebook. Now you don’t need worry to check Facebook at your work because you can show your facebook news feed on Excel Spreadsheet with Your boss is still thinking that you are working with spreadsheet. Actually you are reading your facebook news feed. If your boss come closer then you just press enter and the interface will change to normal excel spreadsheet with some example data. It’s very helpful 🙂

You don’t need install any software. All you need just go to website. Click “Gimme Dem Spreadsheets,” enter your Facebook credentials, and there’s your Facebook newsfeed, all done up to look exactly like an Excel spreadsheet.

It’s not view only spreadsheet, lets you search for Facebook friends by entering names into the formula bar, load more items, check your newsfeed, wall, or tag photos, hover to see who liked a post, and there’s even a boss switch (the spacebar) that immediately changes everything into a vast sea of spreadsheet numbers all nestled within their legitimate-looking cells.

You don’t need to worry again about opening facebook at the office. But be careful, don’t let your boss know about this site or your boss will looks closer when you open Excel Spreadsheet to make sure if this is real Spreadsheet files, not facebook.

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