How to Dress Up Your Firefox

Firefox comes with ability for user to add plugin and also change theme. These feature is one of many reason why people love Firefox then another browser. A plugin can make Firefox more powerful and a theme can changes how Firefox looks. A theme change the toolbar’s background colors, change how buttons look, or make Firefox look like a completely different program. You can also make your Firefox looks like Netscape browser

There are two types of themes available for Firefox:

Full Themes
It just not change Firefox background but also change icon to make your Firefox has diferrent interface with original Firefox. Some user create theme to make Firefox looks like another web browser.

Full Themes on Firefox
Full Themes on Firefox

How to Install Full Themes

  • Go to Firefox Themes from your Firefox
  • Browse the themes and choose which one you like. Click on your selected theme
  • Click on the Add to Firefox button. The Software Installation window will appear.
  • Click Install Now button and wait for the installation
  • Click Restart Firefox when prompted. Firefox will restart and your new theme will be installed.

With Personas, you just change Firefox background interface and do not change icon. It doesn’t need restart to apply Personas. But you need to install Personas extension. For your information Personas is built in to Firefox 3.6, so if you are using Firefox 3.6, do not install Personas extention again.

Personas Themes on Firefox
Personas Themes on Firefox

How to Install Personas

  • Open Personas Gallery from your Firefox
  • Move your mouse pointer over one of the themes to preview it
  • If you like the theme then click Wear It.
  • A notification bar will will appear to alert you that a new theme was installed. Click undo to cancel wearing the themes.
  • Now you have new Firefox interface

How to Switch Theme and Personas

You can also change to another theme that you’ve already installed. You can do it from Addon Manager

How to Switch Theme and Personas
  • Click Tools > Add-ons. The Add-ons window will appear
  • Select Themes tab
  • Choose the Themes / Personas in the list
  • Click the Use Theme button
  • Restart Firefox when prompted. Firefox will restart with your selected theme.

You can also manage Personas from Tools -> Personas menu

Have a nice try!

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