How to Download Windows Update File Manually

Windows XP give you ability to automatic update their operating system. You can active or deactivate this function from Control Panel > Security Center. There are three option on Automatic Update setting, automatic, download and choose which file to update, and just notify about the update.

For some reason maybe you don’t want to download the update with your internet connection. You use dial up so it can slow your internet connection. Or you use volume based so it consume more kilobyte and more money.

You want to download the update on another computer that has fast connection but how to do that?

How can I download Windows Update file and install it in my computer?

You just need to go to Microsoft Download Center and search what file on search box. You can get filename that need by your computer from Windows Update list when you choose “Notify me but don’t automatic download or install them” on Windows Update configuration

But remember you must click magnifying glass icon to search the files on Microsoft Windows download center. If you click web button the search will come from Bing site.

On the search result page you will see result according your keyword. Select that suitable with your computer and download it.

To install you just need to click the file and follow the step. It is like install software.

Now you computer has been updated.