How to Download Facebook Video without Install Software?

Facebook allows its members to share videos. Some of the videos are embedded via YouTube while others are native Facebook videos. You can check how to download YouTube video here. We also have already shared about how to download Facebook video using Firefox add-ons. Now, how about download Facebook video without install any software or browser add-ons?

The best way to do that is by using website that offers service to download Facebook video into your PC. There are two sites that you can try to download your favorite Facebook video into your local hard drive. These sites are:

Facebook video

Down Facebook

Down Facebook offers simple way to download Facebook Video. It can be used by add Facebook Video link into their download form or adding the word down in Facebook Video url. For example if Facebook Video url is

then you can download the video by change the url to

It’s pretty simple.

Facebook Video Down

Facebook Video Down is like any other site that offers download video service. You just need to paste Facebook Video url into their form and click download. Then Facebook Video Down will process the download file and you can save into your PC. Nothing new here except this service is for downloading Facebook Video only.

I believe there are another sites that offer service to download Facebook Video. If you know about it, please share with us.

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