How to Disable Google Sidebar

Google now has sidebar (navigation bar) at the left side of the search page. This sidebar provides some additional information according to your keywords. For example News, Blog, Videos, Books, Updates and Discussions. I think this feature is very useful. It can help you navigate to any category during searching on Google. But, if you don’t like it you can disable Google sidebar.

How to Disable Google Sidebar

There are two ways that you can choose to disable Google sidebar

  1. Using Plugin
    If you are using Google Chrome Web Browser, then install extension called “Google Hide Option“. Firefox user can install Hide Google Option or Google Fix UserScript through Greasemonky You can choose one of them.
  2. Direct Access
    If you are not using Google Chrome or Firefox or you don’t want install any addon or plugin then access Google search without sidebar directly at Bookmarks this site in your favorite browser so visit this site without remembering the url address.

Have a nice try!

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