How to Change My Documents Location

If you install Windows XP you will get My Documents folder to store everything that related with your computer. By default, the folder is located at C:\Documents and Settings\X\My Documents, where “X” is the name of the user. The location can be changed by yourself

Why I should Change My Documents Location
The main reason to change My Documents location is to keep your personal data and system partition doesn’t lose from reformatted partition. For example if you want to make fresh windows installation.

To do that you must change My Documents location to another partition or another hardisk. It’s not save your My Documents data if you change location on same partition. It will also be deleted when you reformat your partition.

Another reason your Windows partition (partition that use for Windows instalation) is going to be low. You need to move My Documents location to another partition that have more free space.

How to Change My Documents Location

  1. Open My Computer or My Document
  2. Right click on My Documents if you open My Computer and right click on every place on My Document.
  3. Select properties.
  4. Change the target folder path and Apply.

Hope trick this can help you

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