How to Add Speed Dial on Chrome

Google Chrome web browser has introduce something new as homepage when you open new windows or new tab. It’s different with blank page on Firefox or speed dial on Opera. It inform Apps, Most Visited, and Recently Closed website. You can Pin site on Most Visited so it will stay there although you never open again for some while. If you’re fans of Speed Dial on Opera then you can also have speed dial feature on Chrome to replace exiting homepage feature.

You need to add Speed Dial extension on your Chrome web browser.

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Speed Dial extension for Chrome web browser has feature like

  • Set the number of dials in the page,
  • Select your desired theme and background image,
  • Use site logos as your speed dials.

Once installed, the extension places a small icon in the address bar of your browser. When you’re visiting a page you want to add to Speed Dial, just click the icon and it will appear in your list. Open new tab and you will see new tab with speed dial interface. Right click on each spead dial to edit properties.

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