How do I Remove Ubuntu and GRUB from My Computer

You tried to install ubuntu and make dual boot with your exiting Windows operating system. After some while you decide to remove Ubuntu and only use Windows as operating system. But how you do that?

If you just delete the linux partition you will not enter Windows menu because your computer can’t call Linux on GRUB. So how you can delete GRUB configuration?

What you need is your CD Windows Installer.

Here the tutorial

  • Remove Linux partition on your computer using Disk Management or another Disk Tool like Partion Magic.
  • Reboot your computer and run from your CD Windows Installer. You can choose startup computer from CD from bios configuration
  • Your CD will ask you to install Windows or repair. Choose repair.
  • If it asks for the installation number, try to put 1. It worked for me.
  • Enter Admin password.
  • Type fixmbr at the command prompt, then confirm. This command will ovewrite GRUB with Windows bootloader.
  • Reboot again and GRUB has gone.

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