How do I configure Songbird for FoxyTunes

Songbird is one of popular media player like iTunes and FoxyTunes has became popular addon for Firefox because you can control your music player from your browser using this addon. Foxytunes support some music player directcly without add any plugin. It means you just need to change the music player for Foxytunes then you can control it by Foxytunes. Unfortunately, right now Foxytunes can’t do that with Songbird. You need to make some configuration in order to control Songbird from your Firefox.

Below tutorial how to configure Songbird for Foxytunes in Firefox. You can also see the tutorial on Foxytunes toolbar or at first time you choose Songbird as you default music player. Make sure that you have Songbird and Foxytunes installed on your computer

Songbird for Foxytunes
  1. First you need to open Firefox Add-ons windows from Tools > Add-ons
  2. Select Songbird as default music player on Foxytunes toolbar on your Firefox browser. At first time you will notify how to configure Songbird on for Foxytunes on Firefox.
  3. If for some reason you ignore notification windows then you can open again from Foxytunes toolbar on select default music player > Configure Songbird
  4. Drag Songbird icon into Firefox Add-ons windows
  5. Then it will install Songbird support addon for your Firefox
  6. Wait the installation proccess
  7. After finish then restart your Firefox.

Now you can control Songbird from your Firefox browser.

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