How Can I Start to Get Traffic

You have a new site and I’m sure you want traffic. Who do not want traffic for the site? Everyone learn about how to get traffic to their site. From simple until difficult way. But how can I start to get traffic to my site?

There is only one thing that you must do to start getting traffic for your site. The thing is submit your site into search engine. Yes that’s all. You don’t need to submit into hundreds of search engine but just 3 major search engine, Google, Yahoo and Bing (Microsoft). Most of the other search engine take content from the big three search engine.

Why I need submit into search engine?

Because search engine is the major source people come to your site. People usually search using search engine to find what they are looking for. They rarely use directory, yellow pages book or newspaper to find site.

Imagine if there is no search engine in this world. I believe it’s so pain to find information on internet. For blogger and webmaster it’s very hurt to get traffic. They must work hard to get 10 visitor each day. If there is no search engine so there will be no SEO 🙂

You can check this blog to read how important search engine for your website.

If your top priority right now is just want to start getting traffic and do not care about top position on search engine or how many visitor so it’s major thing that you must do is submitting your website or blog into search engine.

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