How Can I Make User Visit My Blog

You’ve submitter your site every place in internet from search engine, directory, forum, blog directory, twitter and also facebook. You’ve spent a lot of money to promote your site using adwords, bidvertiser, adbrite, and another ppc. But you get little visitor per day. You’ve posted regularly too but your avarage visitor is under 10 visitors. What is wrong with your blog? Do people hate your blog?

It can be happened because you don’t have good content for people. People have no see any valuable or interesting content that they can read from your blog. They just see posting that they have saw before in another blog. Or they see that your posting is too long so they will get bored before they read the article.

What should I do now?

Of course you must write good content and update your blog regularly with your good content.

You should try not to copy paste another article from another blog or article engine directory. People will leave you blog away if they just found your almost your posting are copy paste from another blog.

You should try to read posting by yourself. Pick some idea, find information on internet and write as an article. If it’s difficult for you, you can try to collect some postings and resume in one posting. Post the article to your blog.

Another easier method, visit blog that you like and and read posting that is interesting for you. Then write again the posting with your own language. It’s better to close the blog when you write again. Finally post your article to your blog.

Try to write 2-3 articles in a week. I also push my self to do that because I’m lazy to write article 🙂 Actually I always write some article in one night and schedule to publih in my blog. After that usually I don’t write again for some days. Hey it’s not good example isn’t it. I will push my self to write article regularly.

People will like your blog if they can get good content on your blog. They will love your blog if they know that you updated your blog regularly.

Happy blogging!

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